Administrative Board

The Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine – BAPEMED was established in February 2014 as a non-profit association in service of the community, comprising scientists, medical and health care professionals, patients, curative, diagnostic and service units, university, research and commercial structures in health care, which fosters the better understanding and adoption of the concept, services and products of personalized medicine for the benefit of the patients and the health care system.

he Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine is governed by an Administrative Board, comprising five members. They elect a chairperson that represents the association in front of third parties. The members of the Administrative Board have equal rights and responsibilities, regardless of the internal distribution of the functions between members and the decisions which grant executive members management rights.

The Administrative Board organizes a regular assembly at least once every three months. The attendance of the controller, the chairperson of the Control Council of the association, who has an advisory capacity, is obligatory.

Administrative Board



  • Prof. Dr. Radka Argirova Authorized representative of “Acibadem City Clinic MBAL Tokuda”, virologist, Chairperson of the Bulgarian Association for Medical Virology
  • Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev Chairperson of the National Patients’ Organization, Member of the Board of the European Patients’ Forum, Secretary General of the European Partnership for Improving the Access of Patients to Health Care
  • Assoc. Prof. Radka Kaneva Executive Manager of the Molecular Medicine Centre, Medical University, Sofia
  • Prof. Alexey Savov Head of the National Genetics Laboratory

Financial controller

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