The Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine – BAPEMED was established in February 2014 as a non-profit association in service of the community, comprising scientists, medical and health care professionals, patients, service units and commercial structures in health care, which fosters the better understanding and adoption of the concept, services, and products of personalized medicine for the benefit of the patients and the health care system.

ersonalized medicine went forward in the list of revolutionary steps transforming medicine – the use of novel methods for molecular and genetic analysis, for better treatment of patient diseases and predispositions to disease. Personalized medicine changes the manner in which drugs are developed and their prescription.

Nevertheless, the regulatory and financial systems still do not correspond completely to the principles and methods of personalized medicine. The mission of BAPEMED is to initiate and facilitate the laying of the foundation, required for the development of personalized medicine in Bulgaria, as a solution to the challenges regarding efficacy, safety, and prices.

BAPEMED was created to enlighten the community, administrative authorities, and politicians, responsible for the formation of health policies and to present the advantages of the methods of personalized medicine to them. BAPEMED is a platform with a wide spectrum, scientific and academic community, patients, medical and health care professionals, pharmaceutical and diagnostic campaigns, supporting and commercial structures, which contributes to the more comprehensive understanding and the application of personalized medicine for the benefit of the patients and the whole community.

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