The Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine – BAPEMED was established in February 2014 as a non-profit association in service of the community, comprising scientists, medical and health care professionals, patients, curative, diagnostic and service units, university, research and commercial structures in health care, which fosters the better understanding and adoption of the concept, services and products of personalized medicine for the benefit of the patients and the health care system.

Membership in the Association

Art.13 (1) Each candidate for member of the Association has the right to become familiar with its statute and the other documents required by law.

(2) The full members of the Association are elected by the General Assembly.

(3) The associated members are elected by the Administrative Board of the Association.

(4) Candidate members of the Association submit a written request via the Chairperson of the Administrative Board to the corresponding authority, in which should be stated whether the request relates to acceptance as a full or associated member and by which the candidate confirms that they are acquainted with and accept the statute and other documents of the Association. The candidate should enclose a cover letter with the request and documents and information, confirming compliance with the requirements for membership according to the Statute.

(5) The request for acceptance as an associated member is examined at the next assembly of the Administrative Board. The decision of the Administrative Board to accept an associated member is taken by an open election and simple majority. The candidate for associated member is informed in written form about the decision of the Administrative Board regarding the request.

(6) The Administrative Board of the Association accepts the request for acceptance of a full member and includes it in the agenda of the next General Assembly, which will be summoned after its receipt.

(7) The Chairperson of the Administrative Board of the Association is required to inform in written form each candidate member of the Association about the decision of the competent authority regarding the submitted membership request.

Acquiring Membership

Art.12 (1) The membership in the Association is voluntary.

(2) The Association has full and associated members, whose rights and obligations are determined by the present Statute.

(3) A full member of the Association can be:

A legal entity, which directly participates in the actions, related to personalized medicine; a patient, professional organization or other non-profit legal entity which is active in the field of health care; or an established professional, participating in scientific projects or an author of scientific publications related to personalized medicine.

(4) Full members, accepted after the foundation of the Association may be persons that fulfil the conditions of paragraph 3 who have been recommended by a full member of the Association.

(5) An associated member of the Association may be each legal and active physical entity that shares the aims of the Association and the means for their fulfilment and wishes to participate in its activities.


  • Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital
  • Prof. Alexey Savov
  • Prof. Radka Kaneva
  • National Patients’ Organization
  • ProDuCt Project Development Consulting JSC
  • Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov
  • Amgen Bulgaria Ltd.
  • Aneta Piperkova
  • Medical University – Plovdiv
  • Bulgarian Association for Drug Information
  • Uni Hospital – Panagiurishte

Membership in other organizations

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