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Personalized Medicine School – “40 Years Sequencing – a New Era in Contemporary Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine”

The first full DNA genome to be sequenced was that of bacteriophage φX174 in 1977. Forty years later, Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine (BAPEMED) devotes its next Personalized Medicine School to sequencing, which has become a revolution in the science and practice. The evet entitled “40 Years Sequencing – a New Era in Contemporary Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine” will take place on 3rd and 4th November 2017 in Plovdiv.

A co-organizer and a host of the second Personalized Medicine School, that is focused on sequencing and some other innovative techniques and methods in the field of personalized medicine, is Medical University of Plovdiv. In fact, in April 2017 Medical University of Plovdiv held the first in Bulgaria course called “Molecular, personalized and regenerative medicine”. Before this, in 2014, the University organized the first workshop for molecular medicine in which foreign guest-lecturers took part. Moreover, pharmacogenetics was entered in the curriculum of the students of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.

The event on 3-4 November 2017 is extension of the first of its kind Personalized Medicine School in Bulgaria, which was dedicated to oncohematology and had immense interest. Following one of its main priorities – the education, with the next educational forum BAPEMED aims to make available information for sequencing as a key method that is used in diagnostics and personalized medicine. The Association strives to give a chance of the participants for access to global innovations, exchange and sharing ideas, experience and good practices and for contact with leading specialist from Bulgaria and abroad.

In the first and second part of the forum Bulgarian and foreign lecturers will present to the audience some different kinds of sequencing – direct sequencing (Sanger sequencing), pyrosequencing and next generation sequencing (NGS), and their practical use and application.

The School will continue with lectures dedicated to other innovative methods and technologies in the contemporary medicine – medical simulators, 2D/ 3D in vitro cell-based bioassays, and 3D bioprinting.

The forth panel of the Personalized Medicine School will be focused on the conception for personalized medicine and the need of its integration in practice and healthcare systems. Collection, storage and analyses of great amount of data from sequencing, as well as real world data/ real world evidence and questions and problems connected with them will be an accentuation of this part of the forum. We will hear institutions/ organizations point of view.

Along with leading Bulgarian specialists – Corr. mem. Prof. Dr. Stefan Kostianev (Medical University of Plovdiv), Prof. Alexey Savov (National Genetic Laboratory, Sofia), Assoc. prof. Radka Kaneva (Molecular Medicine Centre, Medical University of Sofia), Assoc. prof. Vili Stoianova (Medical University of Plovdiv), Prof. Dr. Soren Hayrabedyan (Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction), many guest-lecturers will take part in the event – Prof. Sue Hill (NHS England) and Prof. Sian Ellard (Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust), Bogi Eliasen (Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies), Dr. Marie-Claire Parker (Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre), Erik Söderbäck (QIAGEN), Prof. Dr. Colin McGuckin and Dr. Nicolas Forraz (CTIBIOTECH, Lyon, France), Dr. Deyan Mehandjiev (Novartis Pharma Services Inc.), Peter Ianakiev (Hera Biosciences LLC), Assist. Prof. Dr. Arseni Markov (Institute of Human Genetics, UKM Muenster), representative from LifeCodexx AG.

Except the presentational part, the School will also include an interactive session targeted to the students in order to increase their interest and active participation in the field of personalized medicine. Formation of working groups headed by specialists form different fields with possibility for active dialogue and discussion is also planned.

The access for everyone, who is interested and wishes to take part in the second Personalized Medicine School, is free.

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